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Gallery Broeschen - Art Balearic Islands

The Artist Studio & Gallery BROESCHEN on the Balearic Island of Menorca provides national and international artists with the opportunity to gain inspiration on Menorca throughout the year. At 8.00 p.m. on Saturdays between June and October, we stage our summer program with artists from the artistic fields of painting, photography of Menorcan landscapes and the blue hour moments in addition to collage photography. Glass and ceramics provide an impression of recycled plastics. Variety is provided by seasonal sculptures using the materials metal, stone or wood. The exhibition space of around 200 sq. m provides enough space for creativity, relaxation and inspiration. A smaller inner courtyard with plants provide a Mediterranean flair, inviting you to relax – surrounded by works of art.

Artist Studio & Gallery

Gallerybroeschen.com in Mahón, Menorca

Gallery BROESCHEN is a producer´s gallery. The production and sale of paintings from the artist Anke Carola Broeschen (abstract and free painting on canvas, wood or paper & collage painting) in addition to the representation of national and international artists from the fields of photography, sculptures, ceramics and painting.

Artists with creative ideas and a connection to the Island of Menorca are welcome to Cami des Castell 20, located in Mahón old town. Gallery BROESCHEN offers fair contracts to artists and assumes responsibility for the promotion and organisation of your vernissage. You will find the latest dates and all other news here

Gallery BROESCHEN // Cami des Castell 20 // 07702 Mahón // Menorca, Spain

an artist studio & gallery project in Menorca Islas Baleares

News & Events 2016/2017

All Vernissage - all Exhibitions

Vernissage Exhibitions + Meet&Greet:
18.06.15 Photography Collage Menorca, Artist Phil Millers, London (UK)
23.07.16 Glas Kunst im Ofen, Lynn Prior & Phil Ellison (UK)
23.07.16 Vico - Ceramica Creativa (ES)
13.08.16 Malerei Artist Anke Carola Broeschen (ES)
03.09.16 Artemenorca Landscape Sessions by Niko Korte (DE)
15.10.16 Season One Party - Ceremonia de Apertura Oficialmente

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Artworks from Menorca about Menorca

- Original paintings by ACB
- Limited exclusive photoprints (Forex, Canvas, Glass, Alu)
- Exclusive artwork postcards (Photography Landscapes & Paintings)
- Mosaic accessoires (Bowls, Candlelight-Glasses, Spheres)
- Exclusive souvenirs
- Workshops Holiday & Art
- Photography guide tours / Blue Hour Tours

Artist-Studio in Mahón/Menorca

Meeting place for artists & holidaymakers

The Artist Studio is the studio of the artist Anke Carola Broeschen. This is where art is produced in the form of free and abstract paintings on canvas, wood or paper in addition to orders for mosaics for the decoration of showers, swimming pools or floors in country houses being welcome. The painting and mosaic courses take place at Artist Studio, as do workshops in abstract collage painting and the Trencadis mosaic technique according to Antonio Gaudí. Both beginners and artists with a basic knowledge are welcome to participate in the workshops. Cold beverages are provided free of charge during the workshops and tapas are provided in the green inner courtyard during the workshop breaks. The Artist Studio is also a meeting place for art aficionados.

Holiday, Art & Workshops

Mosaic, painting, photography

Information on the painting courses, mosaic courses and the "abstract collage painting" and "Trencardis mosaic" workshops are available here or direct in our studio in Mahón, Menorca. You will find creative holidays and art tours on the FIESTADELARTE Holiday & Art. website.

The creative hiking, outdoor easel painting and guided photography tours take place between November and April. Painting courses are also offered for children, juveniles and adults in German, English and Spanish and in small groups.

Anke Carola Broeschen

Abstract & free painting and mosaic

The artist Anke Carola Broeschen was employed as a Management Assistant in the Wholesale and Foreign Trade until 2009. This was followed by private tutoring in abstract and free painting from the stage designer (mentor) Andreas Szalla in Bochum, Germany, Zurich, Switzerland and at the Salzburg Festival between 2000 and 2007. In the summer of 2005, she travelled and held her first vernissage on the island of Menorca. The island promotes the creativity of the artist with its light and the intensive colours. Faces and figures carved in rock stimulate the imagination and additional impressive moments are to be discovered in nature, these then being transferred to canvas or paper.

The works of art of the artist Anke Carola Broeschen have now been produced on the Island of Menorca and nationally and internationally exhibited since 2009. The opening of the gallery in Mahón now makes it possible to exhibit works of art on Menorca.

The diversity and pastel coloured light in the sky and the ocean, the nature and the sea, combined with relaxation and serenity are what provide an enormous inspiration. Material that comes from the nature and the coast for example, are included in the collages, as are shards and ceramic included in the mosaics.

Some of the exhibitions staged by the artist Anke Carola Broeschen:
Menorca Reunion Broeschen/Szalla/Tabori, Balearic Islands, Spain 2005
Foundation Au Munich, Germany 2010
Stage design Barcelona Theatre, Spain 2011-2012
Paribas New York, USA 2013
Taipei Barry & Gabriels Taiwan 2015
Stage design Seville, Spain 2015
Pop Art Gallery Barcelona and Madrid 2016
Mosaic restoration at Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain 2013-2014

Online gallery by Anke Carola Broeschen

Andreas Szalla

Free paintings

Andreas Szalla (1944 – 2007), Artist, Scenography, Set Designer, Stage Director and Painter, Creativity Time and Painting in Menorca (1960-2007), Mentor of Anke Carola Broeschen (2000-2007)

Art Studies Unversity Cologne by Prof. Theo Otto, Scenography and Set Designer Theater Bochum, Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin and Baden-Baden, Scenography and Set Designer by the Artist, Stage Director and Actor Georg Tabori, in Berlin (Germany), Zurich ((Switzerland) and Bregenz & Salzburg Festival , Son of Actor Hans Schalla in Hamburg and Berlin, Director of the Theater Dusseldorf and Bochum (Germany) from 1949-1972

Niko Korte

Landscape Photography Artworks

The photo art from the German creative worker Niko Korte is distinguished by impressive landscape scenery compositions and presentations that are true to everyday life with an attention to detail. Rugged coastlines, dreamlike sunrises and landscapes that at times look as if they have been painted are a part of his photo series and artworks. The observer is requested to engage himself with the motif, dream in the displayed landscapes and thereby want to experience the tidal forces, the warmth of the rising sun or the power of the relentless wind himself. Niko Korte´s photographs are characterized by opulent colours and intensive light moods – numerous motifs have found their origins on the Balearic Island of Menorca for years.

Some of Niko Korte´s exhibitions:
"Media as Message (paintings)", Bochum DE, 1994
"Urban Styles (spray art)", Essen DE, 1996
"Through the Tides (photography)", Dortmund DE, 2013
"Floodlands (photography)", Ferdinand Bochum DE, 2014
"Artemenorca (photography)", Gallery Broeschen, Mahón ES, 2016


Phil Miller

Photography Collage Artworks

My artistic output focuses on documenting and celebrating the minutiae of everyday life through detailed and intricate photo-based collage work. Artworks aim to capture the ephemeral; vignettes of a place, time and location. Each collaged piece is the result of a complex process involving the marriage of original photographs, paint, multiple exposures and artwork using projections to form the final composition. Once layered, images take on a new, almost cinematic quality. Works have a real sense of movement and with time, reveal elements to the viewer that are not always obvious at a first glance. Found items, tickets, scraps of paper and luggage labels worked into each collage become points of reference for dating a piece and denoting its significance within a time and place.


Lynn Prior & Phil Ellison

Blue Daze Glass Artworks

We are a husband and wife team creating from our small studio in the North of England and our more sunnier workshop on the island of Menorca. From Menorca, our inspiration comes from the vibrant sunsets, the ever changing colours of the sea, from turquoise to emerald greens to deep blues; and from the sandy beaches and rocky limestone cliffs. From Yorkshire, comes the green and verdant colours of the Yorkshire Dales and its countryside and the rich textures from the limestone rocks and drystone walls. Lynn has been working with glass for the past ten years and has trained with renowned glass artists such as Ginger Ferrell and Bill Swann. Phil began working with glass after his retirement from the Mainstream, starting as a passing interest, he became bitten by the glassmaking bug and now relishes his time creating and making.

Menorca as inspiration

Balearic islands as artwork interpretations

The island promotes the creativity of the represented artists with its light and the intensive colours. Faces and figures carved in rock stimulate the imagination and additional impressive moments are to be discovered in nature, these then being transferred to canvas or paper.

The diversity and pastel coloured light in the sky and the ocean, the nature and the sea, combined with relaxation and serenity are what provide an enormous inspiration.

The island of Menorca offers inspirations and ideas such as vibrant sunsets, the permanently changing colour of the ocean, from turquoise to emerald green and deep blue shades, and the sandy beaches and rocky limestone rocks.

Landscapes and figures

Inspiration for artists for decades

The artists who are represented by the Artist Studio & Gallery BROESCHEN are not the first generation to be inspired by the impressive landscape of the Balearic island. Art in all its forms already originated decades ago, when hippies and artists discovered the Balearic Islands (Menorca, Majorca and especially Ibiza).

Nowadays, the Gallery determines the free painting, abstract art and photography. We also create mosaics (in the tradition of the Spanish master Gaudí ), ceramic art and artworks using glass shards before offering them to all of the art aficionados in the world.

Let yourself be inspired and visit us on Menorca.
BROESCHEN Artist Studio & Gallery
Cami des Castell 20 / 07702 Mahón
Menorca Islas Baleares, Spain

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